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Expertise includes
  • Drexler Sibbet Team Performance
  • Mastery Coach Practitioner (Learning Journeys, ICF Accredited)
  • Emotional Intelligence Certification (Inst Health Human Potential) 
  • Proci Certified Change Practitioner 
  • Facilitation practitioner of
    • DiSC Behavior Styles 
    • StrengthsFinder
    • Meyers/Briggs Type Indicator
    • Enneagram Personality Types

Corporate and non-profit consulting to embolden individuals and teams toward consistently better performance and to engage full potential.


Personal and Professional Coaching for individuals, couples and siblings toward best relationships with self and others.

Passion for communication

Mastering communication can change lives. It's personal. It's professional. It's time.


Contact me to start your life-changing work now.

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