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Drawing on experience as a mastery coach practitioner, my practice includes  the use of ...

  Emotional Intelligence  studies and the brain science behind behavior and thinking that motivate us day-to-day

    DiSC Behavior Styles to understand the preferred behavior from ourselves and others to feel understood
       Enneagram Personality Types to understand spiritual connection with those around us more wholly
           Meyers/Briggs Type Indicator to understand how we fit together with others in true harmony
              StrengthsFinder to identify where we find increased energy in our life and work with joy
PERSONAL coaching

Coaching areas of expertise include: communication polish toward best-self; communication for couples; communication between siblings. In all realms of personal relationships, increased communication abilities can strengthen depth and life satisfaction and foster growth and hidden potential.

Coaching areas of expertise include: coaching for team performance through effective communication and increased understanding of strengths; executive leadership presence toward authentic leadership; team performance toward peak performance-- increased communication abilities can foster growth and hidden potential.

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